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All packages can be customized, just reach out!

Social Media Management

Are you looking to expand brand awareness, create client relationships, and increase website traffic? 

Growing your following on social media will ultimately increase word of mouth and referrals. Monstera will connect you with relevant followers that reflect the demographics and interests of your clients.

Website Optimization

Maybe you created a website on your own or maybe you worked with a developer and they left you with a website you don't feel reflects your brand. It’s clear every business like yours has a different set of goals, intended audience, and products/ services that need to be showcased on your website. That’s exactly why in everything we do, we make sure that it is tailored only for your brand.

Email Marketing

 We will create emails/newsletters that motivate people to buy your products and use your services. Our email marketing agency will craft engaging newsletters to help you stay top of mind. Use Monstera to speed up your sales cycle, save your valuable time, and create long-lasting relationships with customers.

Website Creation

Let us take the reigns of your website. We know that you have many important things to take care of when you're running a business. One of the most important things today is your website, and the task can be daunting. Whether you have a service-based business, an e-commerce business, or a brick-and-mortar store, we will create an eye-catching website for your brand!

Content Creation

If you enjoy running your social media accounts but are running out of content and the time to create/find more. Monstera can provide you with the content of all kinds. Filler content such as stylized quotes/images, inspiration posts, product images, and more.


If you are a new business owner you know how difficult it can be to create a cohesive brand. We will provide you with an entire brand kit that you can use in our future endeavors. This kit is different for every client and it can be adjusted to meet your needs.

Social Media Packages

Below are our three standard packages. If you don't see a package that fits your business we can create one with you! Management Packages start at $300.

Quick Fix Services

Website Help

Having website issues, but don't know what's causing the issue? 

No problem! Contact me and I'll help to solve the issue within 48 hours.


Clean up

Have a WordPress site that's running slowly? It could just be a plugin issue! Let me clean up your site and improve speed! 

Profile Optimization

Did you know your social media profile should be optimized? Well, it should! Let me make some quick changes that will make your account more inviting!

  • Management of 2-3 accounts

  • Four weekly posts

  • Peak time story posts - a minimum of 4 per week

  • Product photos

  • Bi-weekly email blast

  • Social monitoring and listening

  • Analytics delivered monthly

  • Management of up to 4 accounts

  • Six weekly posts

  • Peak time story posts - a minimum of 5 per week

  • Product photos

  • Weekly email blast

  • Bi-weekly blogs

  • Social monitoring and listening

  • Analytics delivered monthly

  • Website Management

  • Management of up to 5 accounts

  • Daily post

  • Peak time story posts - a minimum of 6 per week

  • Product photos

  • Weekly email blast

  • Weekly Blog

  • Social monitoring and listening

  • Analytics delivered monthly

  • Website Management