Instagram algorithm tips

Everyone who is trying their hand at social media will absolutely admit that the word algorithm is one of the cruelest words to exist. Although it's endlessly frustrating it just means we have to adjust and change for organic growth.

Instagram wants high-quality meaningful content and engagement with followers. At the end of the day, they can't keep people on the app but we do. The algorithm will favor the accounts that keep people coming back and staying.

Below are some tips that you can use to grow your following!

  1. Don't change the caption or location tag within the first day of posting. For some reason, it will get fewer views, so double check before you post!

  2. Keep your hashtag use to 5-10. You can technically put up to 30 but it could be looked at as spam.

  3. Rotate and change the hashtags you use. If you use the same exact ones in every post it will reflect the way bots work!

  4. Posting less may be better. You might just receive better engagement on each post if you leave them wanting more.

  5. Try to avoid deleting and reposting with everything the same. We've all tried it and thought it would do better and it ended up doing even worse.

  6. Participate in Instagram Lives. Even if you aren't the one hosting it join someone else's and interact with them. It will show Instagram that you are a part of the community and they will boost your content.

Even though we all kind of despise the algorithm, Instagram has been attempting to make the platform more authentic. It is important to note that less than half of your following will actually be seeing your content, this means you absolutely need to research their interests and keep them engaged.

It may take a bit to get used to the changes, but keep going we're gonna make it through!

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