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Updated: May 21, 2020

If you're new to Instagram as a business owner it can be overwhelming! Don't let the lack of inspiration for content stop you from connecting with your potential future customers!

Share Your Story

At the end of the day, people are on social media to connect with others! Share how you began your journey and what led you to where you are now. Talk to them about what you do, what keeps you working until 2 a.m., even what you're releasing next. Let people be a part of your journey, you'll have committed followers and customers who will support you for a long time.

Show people behind the scenes

Everyone loves a sneak-peek into what goes into all of your hard work! Take pictures of your workspace (or at least the part you cleared off for the picture). Make a series on your story showing the steps of your process if you physically create. Occasionally remind your following of the products/services you offer. People won't be able to support you if they're not sure what you do!

Highlight your customers or clients

When someone makes a post about your brand make sure to interact with them back. Comment, and like of course, but share to your story or make it a feed post. If you offer a service, share examples of your previous work or testimonials from your clients so that your followers can get a sense of who you’ve worked for in the past and see how much you've helped them.

Engage them!

It seems like an obvious thing I know. But what does this even mean? It can be as simple as asking questions in your captions. Ask them for help too; maybe you struggle with organization, ask them for tips! Use phrases such as "what is your favorite" or"this or that".

Celebrate the little things

Why not celebrate more? Share content that relates to those Instagram holidays that we all giggle at but enjoy quietly. Social media is a great place to celebrate with your supporters, whether it's a holiday, a launch day, or your birthday.

Start a series

This is a great way to plan content in advance and it will also help you to have guaranteed content. It can also get your followers excited about what you will share on that particular day! For example, I started #monsteramonday as a way to share organizational tips to start the week. You can also choose a day and time that you ask questions or do polls, this is great so you can get a better understanding of your audience!

I hope you enjoyed these Instagram tips! Follow us @monsteramanagement for more ideas!

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